Saturday, April 29, 2017

Grandpa rowed me on the Prospect Park Lake

「Boat Rowing on Prospect Park Lake, Brooklyn」的圖片搜尋結果

Grandpa rowed me on the Prospect Park Lake
before barbecues were left to smolder
and Flatbush Avenue begged for renaissance
as graduates sweated speeches on broken velvet chairs
in historically tarnished Lowe’s Kings Theater
Erasmus Hall schoolhouse survived deterioration
Titus Oaks record bins were depleted and restocked
Linden Boulevard librarians climbed rolling ladders
being successfully middle-class was all that mattered
blackouts turned into clear-outs
the signs were in the strain
in cloudy minds on sunny days
the time to move-on came
of sold-out yesterdays 
and overstocked tomorrows
we readied to get packed
from prosperity into a developing nation
till twin towers toppled into dust bowls 
and dropped us through the cracks

April 29, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

river now

river views are best before the bend
within a wide swath of deceptive greenery
water rushes past to a dam
filled with memories of winding mountain streams

hidden from Taichung squalor beyond the fall
roads round its dykes like a race track
circling Fengyuan in the distance
so unlike a river replenishing itself

with no intention of turning back
i find nature by biding time 
oblivious to what is out of sight
or making plans with ideas

in every moment here and now
like tall grass that bends in shallow breeze
clouds shade the sun passing by 
as the river turns dark and light

April 18, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

dogs begin to bark all over my neighborhood

dogs begin to bark all over my neighborhood
fish converge in the ocean
earthworms surface in droves
but birds still call each other near the Han
box elder true bugs invade and congregate
from a parched potato field near a mountain
barely seen through shrouding smog
neighbors careless about what i am attending
going wrong ways up one-way streets
as i notice every bird’s different colored wings
though drivers on cell phones ignore approaching ambulances
and parents of noisy adolescents choose to wear headphones
i am wide-eyed as global temperatures fluctuate
even pick a few potatoes before it is too late
one kind step in the direction of someone i love
one stroke of genius in swimming pool laps
pedaling  bicycle wheel revolutions

that is the best solution 

March 20, 2017

Saturday, March 11, 2017

the river flows south in flatlines to the strait

the river flows south in flatlines to the strait
as bicyclists peddle briskly against the wind
up slopes that youthful riders cope 
restlessly reaching their peaks

until aging stumbles them downstream
pooling up at dams
wild horse wheels galloping 
sliding day into night over ends

o to be youthfully invincible
compensating for every error
fumbling through every endeavor
without becoming devoured

to pulse a youthful heart of heated air
rising like white butterflies on thermal drafts
like spirits flitting to and fro
overcoming every crosswind blow

gravitational enemy of time
as over the falls we eventually go
washed up driftwood and polluted
to rise in the sun shaft over the ledge

March 11, 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

the guy that did my taxes is dying

「Nureyev dancing」的圖片搜尋結果
the guy that did my taxes is dying
passed the fee to the subsequent 
left me here to do it alone
where it is good to be alive
when not reminded of taxes or death

the river runs so sweetly in the sun
simple falls and little white water
swaying weeds in gentle breeze
butterflies for staring eyes
catches me downing darkened wells

every country falls apart
never take demise to heart
follow the floating ballerina 
dancing across the stage
like wing tips of egrets that flap away

fragile branches bend 
under a tiny bird's weight
wind-up Jack for popping the weasel 
before it is too late 
written in the fifth estate

February 28, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

when egrets return to the River Han

where the egrets seen yesteryear
salting River Han with caws, swoops,
flaps of graceful span of wings
accordion necks and pencil legs
veiled since summer's wane
return they would, thought i
after lunar new year's crackle curtailed
fishing their livelihood days
standing knee-deep, sharp-eyed
but still they are not here
gone with the turtles that sunned on boulders

only the river looks the same
course unchanged no bulldoze wrath
overgrowth tall of weeds and grass
yellow and white butterflies meandering interwoven 
but the Han looks lonely without egrets
not a feathered one in sight
left to distraction am i
overcome by out-stretched serpents overnight 
silver-green scampering over a suddenly sunny ledge
under a saturated sky of smoke
that has given up being refreshed
hurtling to a dilapidated mess
what some men's greed of nature made 
driving egrets from the Han
no longer greeting a fruitful dawn...

i beg thee Lord, renew, do not forsake
leave us not in the throws of serpents 
the Han holds its breath awaiting an answer
the river trickles its flow until it knows
egrets, please come back
or i will have to find you go

wait; i see a young one flying north!
be patient; i see a young one on course
with rice paddies being seeded
i see another beauty flapping her white wings
another hopping boulders along the shore
it all makes sense
coming back for more
let the ambulance race the scooter
the egret wades and waits
lets bitter water pass through her legs
for plum rain replenishment
she bends her young neck down to eat
for sustenance 
with whetted beak 

February 20, 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Holocaust Remembrance Day

no one alive on my side
in the seats to the left and right
victims not here to speak
Jews from the twentieth century
Muslims from the twenty-first
all else wear business attire 
all else came with friends
even the rabbi of remembrance
how unknown i am in his prayer
how thankless to him my outreach
obsessed with his in-reach
how long will antisemitic Israelis 
prophetically walk with Christian millennials
a path worn deep
in a trench along a wall
where murders repeat
without missing a beat  

February 19, 2017